You can fish at fishing spots when equipped with a Fishing Rod or other Rods. The fishing spot looks like bubbles in the water. Use the action-key (by default: Ctrl) and you will see that you do damage to the fishing spot. When the fishing spot's HP is depleted, you caught a fish and the fish will appear in your inventory. You will also receive some Exp.
Some fishing spots will need a certain level of fishing. At the overview of fishing spots you will see which level is required.
To check your fishing level, click on the Char button and then click on the statslist to reveal the second page. Hovering over this second page will show the progress in the tooltip.

So in short:

  1. Equip the Fishing Rod or another Rod
  2. Stand next to the fishing spot (of appropriate level)
  3. Use the action key (by default: ctrl)

Fishing SpotsEdit

Lv0+ Fishing spotsEdit

Found: Beginner Island, Town of Darom
HP: 30 HP
Exp given: 30 EXP, 500 fishing XP
Fish: Cat Fish, Torp Fish

Lv5+ Fishing spotsEdit

Found: Blizzard's Bluff & East Mines
HP: 50 HP
Exp given: 50 EXP, 750 fishing XP
Fish: Small Bass, Swemn Fish

Lv10+ Fishing spotsEdit

Found: Drow's Forest & Mendom
HP: 100 HP
Exp given: 100 EXP, 1000 fishing XP
Fish: Trout, Lip Fish

Lv15+ Fishing spotsEdit

Found: Achrim, Mendom
HP: 150 HP
Exp given: 150 EXP, 1250 fishing XP
Fish: Lobster , Magic Fish


Most Fish caught are Consumables, which means they will recover some HP/SP/Hunger when consumed. Check the Consumables page for more info.
The famous Golden Fish can be caught at hidden fishing spots in Mendom, Fishing level required is: ...


The available rods in game are:

to be confirmed:


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