In the world of EverEmber you will find all kinds of armor pieces. One of these pieces are helmets. Here we will list all of the helmets that are in the game currently.

Level &
Stat Requirement
Name Stats How
0 Wolf Hat Wolf Hat None Vendor & Drop
0 Straw Hat Straw Hat END+1 Vendor
0 Goat Horns Goat Horns STR+1, END+1, INT+1, AGI+1, WILL+1 Drop
1 Tin Helmet Tin Helmet END+3 Drop
5 Metaline Helmet Metaline Helmet END+3 Vendor
10, 10Int Master Wizard Hat Master Wizard Hat INT+7, WILL+2 Drop
15, 10Str Genophase Helmet Genophase Helmet STR+1, END+7, AGI+1, WILL+2 Crafting
23, 20Int Lightning Hat Lightning Hat INT+11, WILL+3 Crafting
Flame Wizard Hat Flame Wizard Hat
20, 10STR, 5END Sentite Helmet Sentite Helmet STR+4, END+7 Drop
25, 6Str, 9End Ultra Knight Helmet Ultra Knight Helmet STR+6, END+7 Drop
32, 17Str, 15End Helmet of Vaal Helmet of Vaal STR+15, END+10 Drop
40, 25Str, 15End, Ember Helmet Ember Helmet STR+20, END+20, Drop
Rangers Cap Rangers Cap Drop
38px Defenders Helmet

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