N= Normal Quest
R= Repeatable Quest

Common QuestsEdit

Sort Level Starting Area Quest Name To Do Reward(s)
N 0 Beginner Island First Time Miner

Quest Giver: Miner
Collect 5 Metaline Ore

75 Exp, 15 G
R 0 Darom Buzz Off

Quest Giver: Rose
Kill 10 Killer Bees

200 Exp, 35 G
R 0 Darom Lumber Jack Needs Help!

Quest Giver: Lumberman
Collect 5x Log

150 Exp, 140 G
N 0 Darom Karthus is Stuck

Quest Giver: Kate
Buy Darom Teleport
Bring to Karthus in Avgard

300 Exp, 30 G
R 0 Farm Harvesting Time

Quest Giver: Farmer in House
Bring 10 Spinach Leaves and
Bring 5 Animal Meat

150 Exp, 50 G
N 5 Farm Farmers Little Pet

Quest Giver: Farmer in House
Slay the Rabid Squirrel

700 Exp, 2x 250 G
N 5 Outskirts of Turgis Goblin Slayer

Quest Giver: Jack

  1. Kill Goblin
  2. Kill Ogait
  3. Free Jill
1500 Exp, 3x 255 G
N 5 Town of Darom King Slayer Pt 1/2

Quest Giver: 1st floor inn

  1. Talk to Cid in Barbarous Village
  2. Kill 15 Slime, Collect 15 Slime Chunks
2500 Exp
N 6 Barbarous Village King Slayer Pt 2/2

Quest Giver: Cid
Slay King Slime

5000 Exp
R 10 Mendom Mendom in Peril

Quest Giver: Fisherman in Mendom Inn
Kill 30 Undead Fisherman

4300 Exp, 75 G
R 10 Rasheeb Don't Look into Her Eyes

Quest Giver: Barron
Slay Medusa in Old Ruins

1000 Exp, 125 G
N 10 Lindellin Tower Chopping Wood!

Quest Giver: Old Lumberjack

  1. bring 10 Log
  2. bring 10 Magic Wood
  3. bring 10 Log
Enchanted Hatchet
N 15 Ember Castle King's Gown

Quest Giver: King

  1. talk to Queen
  2. talk to King
  3. bring Royal Gown
  4. kill 10 Royal Guards
1300 Exp, 225 G, Crusader's Shield, Gold Necklace
N 18 Elemental Village Elemental Spirits

Quest Giver: Lorik in tent

  1. kill 20 Gust Spirit
  2. kill 20 Soil Spirit
  3. kill 20 Wave Spirit
  4. kill 20 Ember Spirit
6500 Exp, Elemental Pickaxe
N 20 Elemental Village Lost Amulet

Quest Giver: Old Mage
1. Kill [1]Jinnigii Ayaa

15k Exp
N 20 Rasheeb Diamond in the Rough

Quest Giver: Kale

  1. talk to Rael in Desert Caves
  2. kill 5 Ultra Knight
  3. open tomb in graveyard with questkey
  4. ... (I'm stuck here in the underground tunnel)
7500 Exp

Event QuestsEdit

Sort Level Starting Area Quest Name To Do Reward(s)
N 1 Ember Castle (New year 2016) The New Year Star

Quest Giver: Astronomist

  1. Collect 5 Star Fragments in Achrim
  2. Talk to blacksmith assistant in Raven Desert
  3. Talk to blacksmith in Raven Desert
  4. Talk to Astonomist in Ember Castle
2016 Exp, New Years Ring,Cloak of a New Age, Star Medalion