Spells are Magic Attacks that can cause a lot of damage depending on which spell you use.
All Spells are buyable & tradeable.

intended for Level &
Stat Req
Name Action Costs How
Common 0 Ember Spell Ember Casts DoT Fire SP:20,CD:5s Beginners Tutorial
Common Lvl 5, 5Will Minor Heal Spell Minor Heal HP +300 SP:85,CD:20s Vendor
Common Darom Teleport Spell Darom Teleport Teleport to Darom SP:0,CD:1m Vendor
Common 40 Warrior Skin Def Buff
Caster Lvl 5, 6Int
Spark Lightning Spell SP:100,CD:10s Vendor
Caster Lvl 8, 10Int, 2Will Angelic Strike Vendor
Caster Lvl 11, 10Int
Fire Burst Fire Spell SP:230,CD:3s Vendor
Caster Lvl 11, 10Int
Nova Lightning Spell SP:230,CD:15s Vendor
Caster Lvl 12, 15Int Tormenting Winds Wind AoE Drop
Caster Lvl 15, 15Int Glacial Strike ice spell Vendor
Caster Lvl 18, 12Int,6Will Tranquility healing spell Drop
Caster Lvl 20, 10Int,10Will Heal healing spell Vendor
Caster Lvl 23, 23Int Poison Chomp poison spell Vendor
Caster Lvl 27, 27Int Earthquake earth spell Vendor
Caster Lvl 29, 29Int Lightning Storm lightning spell Vendor
Caster Lvl 35, 35Int Mana Burst recover spirit power
Spectral Knight
Warrior Lvl 1, 5Str Heavy Blow Spell Heavy Blow Dmg SP:5,CD:15s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 5, 5Str Clobber Spell Clobber Dmg & Stun 2.5 sec SP:20,CD:20s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 8, 8Str Mighty Smash Spell Mighty Smash Dmg & Bleed 6s SP:40,CD:22s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 11, 8Str Flame Slash Spell Flame Slash Dmg & Fire DoT SP:75,CD:25s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 16, 10Str, 6End
Knight Defense 25s DefBuff SP:10,CD:25s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 16, 15Str
Concussion Dmg & Stun 4.3sec SP:125,CD:30s Vendor
Warrior Lvl 32, 25Str, 7End Knight Health buff? Vendor
Angelic Heal
Tormenting Winds
Ranger Lvl 5, 5Agi Double Shot Shoot 2 arrows Vendor
Ranger ... Poison Arrow Drop
Ranger Lvl 16, 15Agi Explosive Shot massive dmg in 1 shot Drop
Ranger Lvl 20, 20Agi Root Vendor

Outdated Spells
Below here is a list of all spells currently not available in-game, therefore the information is outdated: