Trading in Action.

Trading is when players come together to sell or trade goods that they have collected or bought. You can sell/trade all sorts of items including logs, fish, and even armor or weapons. The trading system gives you a total of how much your items are worth on the bottem of the item column.

For example, in the picture to the right the Player is offering 3 Sardenes, 1 log, and 1 potion all equalling 165g.

The other player may offer money or items, but it's up to the seller to accept or not.

To trade click on a player, then click trade. This sends the targeted player a trade request. If the targeted player accepts you will both go to a trading screen where both players may offer their goods. Click "Accept" to accept the trade or click "Decline" to decline the trade.

Almost all items can be traded in EverEmber. This allows for a miniature economy that increases the strategy of the game.