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    EE Wiki To Do List

    May 28, 2014 by Argamoroth

    - Create the pages that curently do not exist (note some of these links may exist in multiple places I'm just putting them where I find them first)

    Under locations

    - Barbarian Village

    - Drow's Forest

    - South Pole

    - Fighter Cave

    - Market

    - Farm / Event Area

    - EverEmber Castle

    - East Mines

    - Mushroom Caves

    - Desert Caves

    - Guilds Area

    - Elemental Village

    - The Tower

    - Battle Arena

    Under Crafting

    - Metaline Sword

    - Genophase Staff

    - Sentite Staff

    - Gold Necklace

    - Regen Ring

    - Casters Ring

    Regen Ring Rec

    - Genophase Sword Rec.

    - Sentite Sword Recipe

    - Vilewood Hilt Rec.

    - Darkwood Hilt Rec.

    - Casters Ring Rec.

    - Pyromant Sword Rec

    Under Armor

    - Chain of Metal

    - Donor Cape

    - Mage Ring

    - Plated Ring


    - Cleaned Pyromant

    - Pyromant Bar

    - Scimitars

    Under Potions

    - Health Potion

    - Spirit Potion

    - Mixed Potion

    - Empty…

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