- Create the pages that curently do not exist (note some of these links may exist in multiple places I'm just putting them where I find them first)

Under locations

- Barbarian Village

- Drow's Forest

- South Pole

- Fighter Cave

- Market

- Farm / Event Area

- EverEmber Castle

- East Mines

- Mushroom Caves

- Desert Caves

- Guilds Area

- Elemental Village

- The Tower

- Battle Arena

Under Crafting

- Metaline Sword

- Genophase Staff

- Sentite Staff

- Gold Necklace

- Regen Ring

- Casters Ring

Regen Ring Rec

- Genophase Sword Rec.

- Sentite Sword Recipe

- Vilewood Hilt Rec.

- Darkwood Hilt Rec.

- Casters Ring Rec.

- Pyromant Sword Rec

Under Armor

- Chain of Metal

- Donor Cape

- Mage Ring

- Plated Ring


- Cleaned Pyromant

- Pyromant Bar

- Scimitars

Under Potions

- Health Potion

- Spirit Potion

- Mixed Potion

- Empty Potion Bottle

- Trout

- Lip Fish

- Health Potion Rec

- Spirit Potion Rec

- Mixed Potion Rec

Under Monsters

- Town Guard

- Find and update old or incomplete information (there's plenty of it >.>) 

- Get Images for pages that are currently missing them

Let me know if I've missed anything or something's been updated and I'll update the list! 


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