You can cut down trees when equipped with a Hatchet. A better Hatchet (Enchanted Hatchet, Req Lv 15) can be obtained by the Quest 'Chopping Wood!' at the base of the Lindellin Tower. (level requirement:10).

Use the action-key (by default: Ctrl) and you will see that you do damage to the tree. When the Tree's HP is depleted, you successfully cut it down and the Log will appear in your inventory. You will also receive some Exp.
Some trees will need a certain level of woodcutting. At the overview of trees you will see which level is required.
To check your woodcutting level, click on the Char button and then click on the statslist to reveal the second page. Hovering over this second page will show the progress in the tooltip.

So in short:

  1. Equip the Hatchet
  2. Stand next to the tree (of appropriate level)
  3. Use the action key (by default: ctrl)


Normal TreesEdit

Normal Tree 1Normal Tree 2
Requirement Level Woodcutting: 0
Found: everywhere
Exp given: 40 EXP
Drops: Log

Magic TreesEdit

Magic Tree
Requirement Level Woodcutting: 10
Found: Darom, Farm, Sky Island
Exp given: 100 EXP
Drops: Magic Wood

Dark TreesEdit

Dark Tree
Requirement Level Woodcutting: 10
Found: Darom, Drow's Forest, Lindellin, south of Palisade's Pyre
Exp given: 200 EXP
Drops: Dark Wood

Vile TreesEdit

Vile Tree
Requirement Level Woodcutting: 15
Found: Lindellin Tower (outside, 2F and top floor), Palisade's Pyre Exp given: ? EXP
Drops: Vile Wood


Logs can be processed into other items using Crafting. These final items are usually needed in recipes to create armor, weapons etc.
Check the Crafting#Wood page for more info on processing logs.

Normal trees drop Log.
Magic trees drop Magic Wood.
Dark trees drop Dark Wood.
Vile trees drop Vile Wood.

Trifen Wood is also available in game, but is acquired by Fishing. (to be confirmed).


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